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Get Creative
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The Art Bar

Looking for something to do while you wait for your ride, or perhaps a table at the Tavern?

In the corner of the lobby is a very special community space dedicated to getting creative. The Art Bar is a complimentary amenity of our hotel and is available for both our guests and the community to explore art and creativity. Its drawers, shelves and cabinets are stocked with supplies to use for whatever your right-brain comes up with. In addition to the available supplies ready to fulfill your artistic vision, the Art Bar has additional resources to spark inspiration.

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ARTventure Mystery Bags

Looking for a guided creative activity? Want to venture out and try something new? Choose a complimentary mystery bag from the menu posted at the Art Bar and request it from the front desk. ARTventure bags have supplies and instructions included for a complete creative experience ranging from 5 minutes to over 25 minutes.
If you’re not in the mood for mystery, feel free to peruse the ARTventure Inspo cards for an exciting variety of creative ideas.

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ABAE Creative Academy

The Gordon Hotel in partnership with the Arts & Business Alliance of Eugene have filmed a collection of short videos providing inspiration. This library of quick creativity-boosting videos, led by local artists, will help you escape routine, embrace constraints, focus on process, dream big, and more.


Featured Artists

Occasionally, local artists will take over the Art Bar in their own special style. Some artists utilize the space as their own studio, showcasing their creative process to the public. Others engage passersby with a brief creative activity or set up a pop-up gallery to show off their recent works. Check out our Hit List to see if a local artist will be taking over the Art Bar during your stay!