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Art Contest

Calling All Artists!

It’s time for the Second Annual Gordon Hotel Art Contest!

The Gordon is looking to highlight incredible art from our local friends and guests by featuring it on special, limited edition Gordon Hotel vinyl decals. We are looking for submissions using our Gordon G-shaped template (available for digital download here, or prints at the Art Bar in the lobby). Four entries will be selected to be featured as part of the special collection and receive $100 to enjoy at the 5th Street Public Market. If you would like to participate by submitting a piece (or more), please fill out the form below, get creating, and either submit your piece in person or digitally.

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Art Submissions

  • Can be made in person by dropping them in the drop box in The Gordon Hotel lobby or digitally sent via the form below
  • Must be turned in with the signed form
  • Must be turned in by September 9th, 2024
  • Must use the G-shaped template, no other layouts will be accepted
  • Can be in whatever medium you choose
  • Digital submissions must be a high-resolution image/file



couple at the art bar


  • G-shape templates will be provided and stored in a box next to the drop box for submissions in the lobby
  • Art supplies can be found in the Art Bar
  • You may also elect to use your own materials as long as you use the provided G-shaped template

Register Here

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    The contest will be open to submissions until September 9th, 2024. This contest is open to all ages as long as those under the age of 18 have the signature of a parent/guardian. Artists can submit any number of entries without limit. Artists must use the G-shaped template provided (a digital version is also available). Four entries will be chosen. Winning artwork will be announced September 27th, 2023, and the artists will be contacted via email. The winning artists will receive a $100 certificate to 5th Street Public Market as well as a finalized set of the limited-edition Gordon vinyl decals featuring their artwork.

    watercolor of a hotel with a red umbrella and chairs

    Last Year’s Winners:

    Pull Up A Chair!

    Patty Duncan

    a painting of bees on a colorful background

    Last Year’s Winners:

    Oh, Honey

    Jenny Arellano-Paudois

    a watercolor painting of mountains and trees

    Last Year’s Winners:

    The Purple Hills of Gordon

    Mark Raney

    a watercolor painting of a quote

    Last Year’s Winners:

    Human Dream

    Kim Rexius

    Just one year ago, we invited our local community and our guests at The Gordon to participate in our first annual art contest. Last year the contest entries were to select art to be used for new limited-edition stationery for the hotel. 2023 brought a surprising amount of watercolor submissions! It was truly beautiful to see how many talented people participated in this fun art race. The images above show the winning art pieces that were turned into beautiful cards.